It’s Spring a time for revamping, up grading, sprucing up and improving! Even the best love life can benefit from a little Spring makeover!

Luvuslots hope you all enjoyed the Spring Bank Holiday! Nothing quite like a long weekend coupled with a time change! Longer days are well and truly here now… Yippee! I do love more daylight hours & a change of season.  Whats the old saying? “A change is as good as a rest!”  So true… I’m all for a snuggle by an open fire on a long cold winters night… But there is something wonderfully energising about the longer days & the promise of warmer weather… It all feels very carefree a little naughty and very sexy! Spring is a time for out with the old and in with the new! Watching everything come back to life again is simply luscious! It’s natures time of replenishment! Now, I’m not suggesting that you throw away all of your old favourites. Just give them a little rest or use them differently, accessorise & add to your collection. Use your imagination, try something new. No matter what you’re into it’s always good to keep things varied. Keep that special someone interested with a surprise or please yourself! You can if you want too!

Nurturing your love life and freshening up your lingerie, pants or toy drawers, boxes, cupboards or rooms makes for Happy Bunnies Everywhere! There is nothing wrong with wanting more pleasure and the best out of your love life.  Free up your imagination let it run wild, try different and varied things. It’s exciting to discover another way to experience feelings of pleasure! You might even find a new way of flicking your switch. It doesn’t matter if your part of a couple, trio or group. Or even going solo you can just do it for yourself! The ultimate selfie!

Free your imagination

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If you need any help message us here and we’ll do our best to assist you… We also offer a fully bespoke service so if you know what you want but can’t find it contact us here… 

Happy Spring!

Loads of Love Victoria x