Our Packaging

LuL Outer boxLuL Postal Packaging, discretion is everything….

We’re always discreet. Our outer packaging carries no clues as to who’s sent the package or it’s hidden contents. All of our orders are sent in plain outer packaging. No company information is disclosed in any shape or form. We give nothing away even when you have to sign for it.

*Please note for international orders we have to list our products for customs purposes

LuL packaging

Once past the outer packaging you’ll discover a beautiful white box dressed with a black ribbon thats been sealed with the Luvuslots seal of approval.

  • All of our items are hand packed any price tags are removed so you can be confident that the LuL whats in the boxcost is for your eyes only. Once lovingly wrapped in tissue paper the items are carefully placed in the beautiful white box. Finally, the box is dressed with black ribbon and given the Luvuslots seal of approval.
  • Any accompanying paperwork is placed in the plain box with the beautifully wrapped item.
  • Now all thats left to do is pull the ribbon, open the box and enjoy!
  • Our gift vouchers are given the same treatment….

*All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.