It's Spring a time for revamping, up grading, sprucing up and improving! Even a greatest love life can benefit from a little Spring makeover!

Sexpo UK 2015….

Sexpo UK 2015 Wow, Sexpo UK 2015! It’s been busy back here at Luvuslots Lady Cave since all the fun and games at Sexpo Uk 2015.. Stock takes complete, orders in hand.  We’re now well and truly over our post Sexpo fatigue pleased that we did our sleeping prior to the show as we certainly […]

Luvuslots-SexpoUk-Sarah Longbottom

Luvuslots-SexpoUk-Sarah Longbottom Ooh, la,la! Hello, to all you lovely people out there… Hope you’re all well and have a minute to chill with a cup or glass of whatever takes your fancy. Firstly, sorry for the lack of tales from the lady cave recently. I’ve been working on something covert for your pleasure and will be […]
Coquette Seamed stockings

National Stockings Day!

National Stockings Day! Hey lovely people! It’s National Stockings Day! Tell us what do you find most sexy? Classic Sheer,   Fishnets, or Wet look? So many to choose from not enough National Stockings Days! We think everyday should be a stockings day! Check out more here… What do you think? We’d love to hear […]


While you’re down there!   You’re never too old or young to check your Balls! Boys to men should be making this part of their routine.  Whilst you’re down there!… Lovers should be checking their chaps regularly. Research supports that partners are actually far more likely to spot any changes… Whilst at Sexhibition in Manchester […]

Join us at Sexpo London 2015

Join us at Sexpo London 2015 Hello Lovers! We’re so excited to announce that Luvuslots are going to be exhibiting at Sexpo 2015 in London!  Whoop! Whoop!     Luvuslots will be at stand 5D Near the catwalk & bar! We’ll be tantalising all of your senses with our Sexy ladies Lingerie, Mens Luxury Underwear […]

Dress your Chap!

Dress your chap! Help me in my quest to rid all drawers of dodgy Pants!!! I’m sure if we’re all honest when it comes to underwear no one likes any shade of grey as these poor undergarments no doubt started off white.  Washed out greys with waist bands that have seen better days have never […]

Lingerie Foreplay!

Lingerie Foreplay! Hello lovely people! It’s been manic here after Sexhibition, running an online boutique, stock takes, sales, family, occasional socialising & of course date nights… I’m sure that this is very much a reflection of most homes the length and breadth the country. Summer holidays came to an end loads of people now playing […]
mens-underwear-has just got-a whole-lot-better

Mens Underwear has got a whole lot better!

Mens Underwear has got a whole lot better! Let us introduce you if you’ve not met already to this incredible collection of  fantastically designed, High Quality & SEXY Mens Luxury Underwear! Ladies & Gentlemen we bring you Gregg Homme! We adore the attention to detail that the cleaver designers at Gregg Homme pay to making sure […]

Luvuslots @ SEXHIBITION!

Luvuslots @ SEXHIBITION! Luvuslots… Popped It’s Cherry! Hello lovely people… WOW! What an amazing weekend.  We’ve had so much fun at SEXHIBITION in Manchester! We met some fantastic people whilst exhibiting at our first big Show! Hence the cherry popping!!!  Lots of LOVE to all of the wonderful people that took the time to join […]

And relax…

And relax… Hope you’re sitting comfortably with a cuppa or a glass of what ever takes your fancy…  It’s time for a long over due catch up…  Big thank you to everyone that took advantage of our summer sale hope you’re all enjoying & loving your sexy new items! We’ve got some great things going […]

Todays word Cuckold

Todays word Cuckold The term cuckold refers to the husband of an adulterous wife. In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own. A submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers whereby the wife’s sexual pleasures become the husband’s vicarious sexual […]

Todays word Merkin

Todays word. Merkin A merkin is a pubic wig. Merkins were originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia. Merkins are now used as decorative items, erotic devices, or in films, by both men and women to cover genitalia. Merkins come in all different shapes, colours & sizes. Do you or would you wear a merkin?

Todays word Kneesies

Todays word Kneesies noun Kneesies the intimate touching of knees  beneath a table while maintaining a visible composure of discreet propriety! Well it’s Friday night! Here’s something you can do anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Start with Footsies and work your way up to slightly more affectionate Kneesies. Who knows where you’ll end up after kneesies?

Todays word Retifism

Todays word Retifism The concentration of sexual desire on female shoes. Retifism shoe fetishists sometimes collect dozens and dozens of shoes and get their sexual satisfaction from cuddling them. Must admit a love for shoes… Adore buying them, wearing them & how sexy they can make you feel.  The less sensible the better I find! […]

Todays word Flagellation

Todays word Flagellation noun The Propensity for sexual satisfaction from whipping someone or being whipped as an established Algolagnic condition; the practice of whipping. Simple flagellation was a form of penitence used widely by religious sects at one time, until it was discovered that the beatings and whippings caused extreme passion and sexual orgasms in […]

Todays word is Libertine

Todays word is Libertine A Free lover, a person free of restraint in matters of morals as applied to sexual relations.  The Libertine is not necessarily perverted at all, or oversexed, but simply has no moral scruples about changing the love companion often, or switching around with other couples if the idea seems attractive. Libertine […]

Todays word is Monogamous

Todays word is Monogamous Monogamous Monogamy is when you are married to, or in a sexual relationship with, one person at a time. Humans are one of the few species that practice monogamy. Well, sometimes. You may have heard of something called polygamy, which is having more than one spouse at a time. The difference between monogamy […]

Word of the day!

Word of the day! Lollygag Slang verb To perform copulation or other intercourse at a leisurely pace.  noun A female as a sex object.   Todays word is a slang term used to describe slow sex… Is it positive you decide? I’m sure it’s down to how you use it. On a hot lazy Sunday […]

Word about sex Mixoscopia

Word about sex… Mixoscopia noun A condition in which one obtains sexual gratification by witnessing, observing the sexual acts of other people engaged in intercourse, the practice of the voyeur. Medical term for Voyeurism. We personally prefer the word Voyeurism for no other reason other than we prefer the sound of the word. Which word […]

Todays word about sex…

Todays word about sex is… Polyamory noun The practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved. polyamorist noun, polyamorous adjective ORIGIN 1990s: from poly – ‘many’ + Latin amor – ‘love’. It’s your life! You should be living it as you want. What do you think?

Word about Sex

The word about SEX today is a fabulous word… Hope you like it!   Lascivious adjective Feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire.  Lewd, lusty, filled with the ability to produce sexual excitement. lasciviously adverb, lasciviousness noun From Latin lasciviosus, from Latin lascivia ‘lustfulness’, from lascivus ‘lustful, wanton’. We’d love to hear your […]

A word about sex!

Everyday you’ll find a word about sex right here…. A word about Sex together with it’s meaning here everyday… The words might be formal, funny, educational, old fashioned, up to date, slang, medical descriptions, names of sexual positions, explicit unapologetically vulgar at times with one common theme… Yep! SEX. I’m sure you get the gist. […]

Food of LOVE!

Mmmm! Food of LOVE! Hello to all lovers out there… Hope you’re all well and life is being kind… Just thought I’d give you some food for thought.  There are always research studies being carried out about one thing or another telling us what we shouldn’t be eating.  Well I thought I’d put a little […]

On the boardroom table!…

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the amazing people that I met at this years ETO that let me get my hands on their great products! These events are always such great fun…  It was fantastic as always to see all the latest Erotica thats going to be coming our […]

Pole fit…

x http://youtu.be/DrL3xr8V9oQ WOW! This weekend I got together with two great ladies who’ve recently set up Breathe Pole Fit & had and absolute blast…. I spent Saturday morning with them and my pole and it was a hoot.  I’m still aching today and it’s Monday! Let me start by saying the last time I swung on […]

More Tales from The Lady Cave…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our food for thought and found a moment to follow us while waiting for the bus, on the train or tube. In a waiting room, on the sofa in your favourite armchair, park, garden, standing, sitting or laying in bed.  Wherever, you lovely people get to take a moment… Another busy […]

Sex, Exercise and Libido…

Welcome back for a little peek into the benefits exercise has on our libido…  Hope you enjoy this little snippet…  Lets face it, we all know that exercise is good for us and essential for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping in good shape.  Well here’s two more great reason to get or keep active […]

Have an orgasmic weekend…

Happy Friday Lovely people… Welcome back for my close of the week post.. I thought what better way to end the week than give you lovely people some incentives as if you need any to go off and  have an orgasmic weekend! Heres a really random reason.. I read an article recently that you can […]

Wake up and smell the flowers!

Welcome back! Hope you’ve got you’re favourite beverage in hand for our next sneaky insight into the sexual fun and games that couples get up to.  We’ll be looking at different ways that couples in relationships get up close and intimate. It’s amazing when you start to look at all of the different types of […]

Too Stressed for Sex…

In this bite size post over your favourite beverage I’m taking a peek at Stress and how best to combat it so you can relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, I’m sure that we’ll be tackling the effects of stress in future posts as it’s often a root cause. These helpful tips aren’t rocket science but when […]

Boost your Confidence in the Bedroom….

We’ve all at some point felt a little self conscious about our bodies…  Maybe you’ve not been to the gym as often as you would have liked.  You’ve not stuck to the diet you know you should have.  You might have just had an operation. Gained weight or lost a lot of weight. Maybe you’ve […]

Tales from the Lady Cave…

Hello Lully people… for those of you that don’t now I’m Victoria…  Creator of Luvuslots….   You’ll find me most days in my office that’s been dubbed “The Lady Cave” due to the amount of Man envy this chic hide away generates.. What was once a dark and inhospitable dungeon like cellar unfit for anything […]

LuL Blog Coming soon…

  For your Entertainment, Interest, Personal Development, Pleasure & General Wellbeing… We think it’s about time that we all get to know one another a little better now..  Don’t you?.. The LuL blog starts here Monday 15th June 2015… There will be plenty of opportunities to be interactive. We can’t wait to start sharing with you! […]